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Life Comes at You Fast! Our Fall/Winter 2014 Newsletter

Best of WNC 2014 Orange Badge

Change has characterized the past year here at Timothy E. Gillespie, DMD.  Retirements, people moving to other locales, and wonderful babies have all had an influence on the landscape of our practice.  Most recently, Michelle Baber has made the difficult decision to retire as her attention is being needed more on the homefront.  Michelle has been a staple in this practice for 25 years and her incredible talent and smiling face will be sorely missed.  She will continue to work with us on a fill-in basis, and we look forward to her eventual return!

The great news is that, as inevitable change has occurred, we have found wonderful people to become new long-timers in our practice!  Valerie Mueller, Kate Ross, Whitney Lanier, RDH, and now Sue Parker have all made immediate positive impacts on our practice.  Also, Brittany Chovan, RDH, has been a wonderful part-time addition to our practice in the Hygiene Department.  Rest assured, we still have most of our long-timers, and the new members of our practice family bring with them the type of care and understanding you have come to expect from our office.

On the dentist front, we are happy to report that Dr. Jaime Peterson recently brought baby E.J. Peterson into this world—he came in at a healthy 7lbs!  Dr. Peterson will be returning in December after a maternity leave.  In her stead, Dr. Corey Stephens, who has been a part of our practice family for over a year, will be filling in during the week and will continue to be here on Fridays.  Oh, and don’t the drink the water in our office—Dr. Stephens is expecting as well! Congratulations to both of these wonderful ladies and their growing families!

WE’RE HONORED!  For the fourth year in a row, we have been chosen BEST DENTIST in the BEST of WNC competition sponsored by Mountain Xpress magazine. This three-peat has landed us in their BEST of WNC HALL OF FAME, for which we are so honored! Thanks so much to all of our patient family and practice friends who helped us attain this award. We promise to continue to do our best to make you proud to be a part of our wonderful patient family!

LET’S TALK TEETH!  Some insurance plans contain a “use it or lose it” clause—any unused benefits are lost at the end of the plan fiscal year. If you have unfinished treatment, let’s check to see if it will benefit you to have dental work done before the end of the year so you can maximize any dental benefits you have coming to you.


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