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A Mother To Be And Working With Me!


We’re so glad to have Dr. Jaime Peterson joining our office on a full-time basis!  Many of our patients will recognize this now-familiar face, as she has been working with us on a part-time basis for several months.  After coming on board in November 2013, Dr. Peterson so quickly began to endear herself to patients and staff alike, that we just had to have here on a more permanent basis, and we’re elated that she accepted!

Dr. Peterson was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, and that, coupled with growing up with three brothers, has made her a die-hard Steelers fan.  After two years at Boston University, she transferred and graduated from University of Pittsburgh, then led the way for Pitt to come to the ACC by going south to dental school at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.  She says she “fell in love with the South” there and was below the Mason-Dixon Line to stay!  After a fun trip to Lake Lure, she decided go even further south and complete a one-year dental residency in our lovely Asheville.

During the year of residency, Dr. Peterson met a local firefighter/boarding kennel owner, Joe, from Hendersonville.  Through their shared love of dogs and the outdoors, they developed a strong relationship and were married two years later.  Now, two more years later, they are expecting their first child in October!  Yes, spending time with their dogs, Bailey, a Blue-Heeler, and Scotch, a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, and hiking, camping, and mountain biking will take a backseat for a little while!  Dr. Peterson has been active in adult co-ed soccer in Asheville and hopes to get back into playing shape after the baby comes.  Most recently, she has been busy helping Joe completely renovate their home in Hendersonville.  Pregnancy hasn’t slowed her down too much–at 7 months pregnant she was able to help her husband lay down a hardwood floor!

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