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Back To School: Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks


Summer’s over and it’s time to for the kids to go back to school.

And me, too.  At 50 years old, I’ve decided to go for my MBA; in fact, I started two weeks ago with online courses in Marketing Management & Strategy (MBA 560, 3 credit hours) and Critical Analytical Thinking (MBA 610, 1 credit hour) through NC State’s Jenkins Graduate School of Management.  I also have a 3-day “Raleigh Residency” course (MBA 615, 1 credit hour) at the school early next month.

My Textile Engineering major son at NC State is not excited…BUT I AM! 

No, not excited in the vein of Will Farrell starting a fraternity in the hit comedy, Old School, but excited about the opportunity to hone my business skills and learn new things.

The truth is, the next 20 years in health care will not be the same as I have enjoyed for the last 20, so I am equipping myself now to meet the challenge.  New horizons must be set, mustn’t they?

Now, if I can just keep from getting my student ID card mixed up with my AARP card, I should be alright.  Either way, I should be able to get a free cup of coffee somewhere!

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