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My 25th Wedding Anniversary: Where Did The Time Go?

I know my eighth-grade prom is this weekend, but I was too shy to ask you before now.

I just picked you up in my brand new car—a Pinto!  We went to a movie and then got some ice cream.

I hid the engagement ring in a box of Russell Stover chocolates.  Though I can tell you saw it coming, the look on your face is so happy, it doesn’t matter.

We’re having breakfast in a Shoney’s before heading out on our honeymoon.  It feels like the first day of the rest of my life.

I can’t believe I’m helping decide on a washer/dryer combination, but I see it’s important to you, so I’m doing it.

Today was the last day at your good-paying job in Birmingham, but if you’ll just stick with my plan to open my own dental practice, I promise it’ll be worth it.

I’m sleepy, but watching our first son being born is the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced.

I know I’ll feel guilty later for doing a large dental case before our second son’s scheduled delivery, but you’re being a really good sport about it.

It’s amazing that watching the third of three sons head off to kindergarten still makes both of us emotional.

Did we actually just send a kid off to college?

This family vacation is costing me an arm and a leg, but our family dynamic is changing so fast, I know I’ll never regret it.

It’s our 25th wedding anniversary, and I’m looking at the picture of you and me at my eighth-grade prom…

It all seems like yesterday.  My, how time flies…when you only have 100 years to live.

Happy Anniversary, Betsy!


  1. You guys are awesome!!! It is such a blessing to have Betsy working out in Underdog. As you know, she brings and shares her smile, geniuneness, and cheerfulness with all of us…Thanks for this post….it inspires and refreshes my appreciation and love for Amy and my children ….Thanks Tim and Betsy!


  2. Irene Case Ball says:

    Tim, this is so sweet! I remember what a great couple you guys were in high school and I’m so happy to hear of successful marriages in today’s times. You two are truly blessed to have each other! Stop by and see us next time you guys are in Sylva! We are still on Main Street!
    Irene Case Ball


  3. Mindy says:

    This is the coolest post Tim! I love reading about some of the highlights in your lives along the way! I look forward to all of these moments with Brad! Thanks for sharing. Congratulations to you and Betsy!


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