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There’s Longevity. Then There’s LONGEVITY.

We lost a good one today.  Colene House has just completed a 41-year run as a Registered Dental Hygienist—an ultra ultramarathon in the practice of clinical dental hygiene.  We were proud to have her for 23 of those years in our office.

And it wasn’t her choice.  Over time, Colene unfortunately developed a carpometacarpal (base of thumb) condition that ultimately became so problematic as to become disabling.

She wasn’t ready.  If joint replacement were available for thumbs, Colene would have gladly stood first in line for it and been ready to give another 23 years to her patients and practice.  Unfortunately, our technology won’t yet allow it.

To say it’s been difficult for her is an understatement, and it’s hard to lose a hardworking, loyal employee who’s always on time and rarely misses a day of work.  She’ll be sorely missed by all of us.

Colene, thank you for giving 41 years to a demanding profession and 23 to our demanding dental practice.  You’re the best…everyday.


  1. Sara Bradburn says:

    Thanks for everything, Colene!


  2. Gwen Bigham says:

    Thanks Colene, I will always remember the story you shared with me about motorcycles and Webb Cove Road! ;D


  3. Sandra Jordan says:

    NOO-O-O-O-O! I know she didn’t want to leave and I really wish she didn’t have to. I was supposed to see her on the 11th. I will miss her so much. Please tell her how sad I am and I wish her the best.


    • Colene says:

      Thank you Sandra. I will miss ALL of my patients, whether they were my “regulars” whom I had grown very attached to, or whether they were “just passing through”. It gave me such joy to be with such wonderful folks. I learned something from every one of you. Whether it was a new restaurant to try, a book to read, a golf course to play, an insight to life in general. But best of all were the hugs, smiles, jokes, and friendships I received over the course of so many years. It is with great sadness that I have to turn this page to the next chapter of my life. I will NEVER forget you.


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