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Staff Longevity: 20 Years of Unicorns

When someone stays in a dental office for 20 years, they’re committed—or should be!

Dentists are notoriously picky types, who can’t have anything done for them fast enough, and if something isn’t accomplished quickly—they change their minds.  It’s kind of like working with an unstable radioactive isotope that either blows up or fizzles out…and you don’t know when either is going to happen.

So, it takes a special personality to work with a dentist, and today we are celebrating the 20 years (and counting!) that Michelle, one of our front office managers, has spent trying—with varying levels of success—to cope in this “special” environment.

Fortunately for the rest of us, Michelle has never lost the Pollyanna attitude that so many of us shed in our early ‘20’s.  It is this quality—that there is something positive in everything; that everything happens for good; that the world would be a better place if we would just take the time to share a Coke and a smile—that forms the glue that holds our practice together.  By doing what she do, Michelle has elevated all of our workaday lives to a higher plane that makes us feel that, if we all just love and respect each other—if we just snap our fingers together simultaneously—our world will be a better place.  And it is.

Thanks, Michelle, for 20 years (she predates me in this office by 4 years!).  You are loved and appreciated by all of us.

So there’s no need to get in a circle and sing Kumbaya and ride off on a herd of unicorns….

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