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White Teeth & Green Technology: Iron Eyes Cody Would Be Proud!

As a kid in the early ‘70’s, between stints on my bike with the banana seat and curved handlebars, I watched a lot of TV:  After School Specials, Gilligan’s Island and Star Trek reruns, and of course, The Brady Bunch.  Then, as now, commercials ruled the airwaves, and although I like to think I’m not easily swayed by advertising, I must admit that my baloney does have a first and second name, and, I have never, ever experienced ring around the collar.

Another commercial that apparently affected me was the “Keep America Beautiful” PSA that featured Iron Eyes Cody.  You remember it:  Iron Eyes dressed in buckskin, paddling down the river, beaching the canoe and stepping out near the interstate, then shedding a tear after someone throws trash from a speeding car and it lands at his feet.  Then the announcer states, “People start pollution; people can stop it.”

Our office is very intentional about keeping Iron Eyes smiling.  Plastic
bottles and cardboard are separated from the main trash bin; waste paper is
turned over to a shredding/recycling service; dental amalgam is removed from our wastewater by a separator; developing chemicals for xrays are minimized by our use of digital radiography.  Other ideas being considered are programmable thermostats (with iPhone app!) and lights.

In the eternal words of Kermit the Frog—yet another ‘70’s icon—it’s not easy being green, but, it’s the right thing to do.  Plus, we just can’t bear to see a grown man cry!

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